Are you a lawyer, investigator, social worker, student, formerly incarcerated person, family member of a formerly incarcerated person, or community member that wants to be involved? We’d love your help. Whether you want to represent an incarcerated person or be involved in another way, helping to reduce mass incarceration in partnership with the Illinois Prison Project is an extremely rewarding and tangible way to improve another human being’s life. For volunteer attorneys and law students, we screen inmates to find the strongest clemency candidates, and collect all of the materials that you or your organization needs to dive into a case. We provide samples, templates, trainings and support to ensure that the clemency process is rewarding and impactful for you and your client.

We rely on the perspective, wisdom, and knowledge of community members, especially formerly incarcerated people and family members of those currently incarcerated. Please be in touch, and we will work together to advance the cause of systemic reform in Illinois.

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